Innovation is a fundamental feature of our activity: an experience of almost forty years, combined with the attention for the aspects of the construction industry, make us aware of the critical issues and needs of our customers, in order to develop solutions that will have a beneficial impact on their activity. Our goal therefore is to offer equipment to improve the quality, the efficiency, and profitability of our customers’ work: we make the difference!

Embark on a Construction Revolution with Blend Plants: Your Gateway to Efficiency and Excellence

In the dynamic realm of construction and infrastructure development, Blend Plants stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. With a strong commitment to cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and tailored solutions, Blend Plants has carved a prominent niche in the construction equipment industry. In this exploration, we will delve deeper into the world of Blend Plants, their diverse product lines, and the compelling reasons why you should consider procuring these state-of-the-art solutions from – your direct supplier for the North American market.

Unveiling Blend Plants: Champions of Excellence

Blend Plants, with its roots tracing back to Italy in 1992, has consistently pushed the boundaries of construction equipment design. The company distinguishes itself through its unwavering dedication to crafting bespoke solutions that meticulously address the unique needs and challenges of every construction project. Sustainability and innovation are at the core of Blend Plants' ethos, positioning them as a formidable force in the industry.

The Blend Plants Product Portfolio: A Wealth of Versatility

Blend Plants' extensive product portfolio offers a wide array of solutions, each with its own set of unique advantages catering to construction professionals:


E-Series: The E-Series represents a groundbreaking approach to concrete production. It champions waste reduction by storing raw materials separately within its internal structure, ensuring precise mixing only when needed. This on-site production is managed by an intuitive computer system, guaranteeing quality while saving time and costs. The E-Series epitomizes efficient and eco-conscious concrete production.



CIFA EASYFLOOR BY BLEND-CIFA and Blend join their know how in a new product: Easyfloor. Born as a mobile flooring system and equipped with a pumping unit available in two versions: piston and air. The air pump unit is mounted on a 4-axis chassis and has an output of up to 10.5 yd3/h at an air pressure of 6 bar. This plant is unique as it produces traditional screeds, semi-wet screed, self-levelling screed, shotcrete (both dry and wet), and concrete. It ensures continuous operation and the utmost precision, also thanks to the pumping unit which guarantees smooth pumping, a pipeline with no “kicking”. make this better for a infomal page on a website


The Blend A240: Pioneering Full Autonomy

The A240 By Blend-The Blend A240 is the versatile plant par excellence with high production capacity, ease of transport from one work site to another and with no additional mounting operations required. The plant has total hydraulic and electrical autonomy. Each type of aggregate is transferred from the hoppers to the main conveyor belt, to the twin shaft mixer, by means of variable speed extractor belts. Aggregate Dosing is by negative weighing. Dosing of cement and additives is also by negative weighing, to give greater accuracy and reliability and dosing of water, emulsion and other additives is electronically controlled by electronic flow meters connected the onboard PLC. GPS and remote control systems allow you to have complete management information regarding production and stock levels at all times.


Blend Horizontal Silos: Streamlined Cement Storage Solutions

S Model Horizontal Silos by Blend-perfect companions to the mobile concrete mixing plants. They offer a hassle-free setup, requiring no complex foundations or installation permits – just place them on flat, stable ground, and you're good to go. With optional lifting jacks, loading and unloading become effortless, eliminating the need for cranes. When used alongside Blend mobile plants, they seamlessly integrate with the control unit, enhancing concrete production without downtime during cement loading. For precise control, you can opt for the weigh cell system. Plus, their transport-friendly design means they can fit into containers or be easily transported by truck. For permanent batching plants, consider our efficient vertical cement silos. Blend Horizontal Silos simplify cement storage, making your construction projects more efficient and mobile.


Why Blend Plants via

You may be wondering why is your ideal destination for procuring Blend Plants' innovative solutions for the North American market. Here's why:

- Direct Supplier: serves as your exclusive gateway to Blend Plants' cutting-edge products in the North American market. We ensure seamless access to these innovations.

- Expert Guidance: Our seasoned team at possesses an in-depth understanding of Blend Plants' offerings. We stand ready to assist you in identifying the perfect Blend Plants solution tailored to your specific project requirements.Adding to the wealth of expertise available to you through, it's important to highlight that Garret, our point of contact and owner of Ironlisting, brings extensive experience in Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) to the table. Garret's experience in RCC concrete further underscores our commitment to providing you with comprehensive support and guidance in selecting the right Blend Plants solution for your unique needs.

Efficiency and Reliability: Both Blend Plants and share a common commitment to efficiency and reliability. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that you're acquiring top-tier equipment for your construction ventures.


In an industry where innovation drives success, Blend Plants and are poised to elevate your construction endeavors with unmatched efficiency, sustainability, and excellence. Embark on the path to revolutionize your construction practices by exploring the available inventory of Blend Plants solutions, exclusively accessible through in North America.

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