Flexi Clean Mixers

The Aran mixer family has a heritage of decades of uncompromised performance across all continents.

Experience gained from mixing a wide diversity of material types in demanding conditions has resulted in a mixer of innovative design which typifies Aran products.

Aran supplies a number of different models of mixers which are both incorporated into third party equipment and featured in Aran mixing systems. The range of Aran mixers includes the modern Flexiclean mixer in sizes suitable for producing 50-500 compacted cubic metres per hour, and the traditional steel cased APMM mixers in sizes from 200-550 compacted cubic metres per hour. Ironlisting is here to provide North America with the access and all of the knowledge Aran mixers and set up for all of your RCC concrete needs. If you have any questions about Aran Mixers or RCC concrete contact our main line today we would love to provide you with additional information.

Aran FlexiClean is the most advanced Aran mixer yet.


  • High quality paving concrete
  • Lean mix sub base concrete
  • Structural concrete
  • Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) for dams and pavements
  • Stabilized road base
  • Backfill for mines (pastes, slurries and CAF).
    ** Paste mixers include a weir for retention of material within the mixing chamber
  • Land fill liners from soil or clay mixed with bentonite
  • Solidification of sludges
  • Mixing of contaminated soils
  • Recycled concrete or asphalt with both bitumen emulsion and foam bitumen
  • Roller Compacted Concrete
  • Slump Concrete
  • Pastes & Slurries
  • Environmental Processing
  • Road base


  • Low Operating cost
  • Unique Aran housings for mixer bearings keep lubricant in and contaminants out.
  • Seals & bearings separated from the mixing zones by air gaps and flingers
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Low maintenance cost – no mixer case wear liners
  • High intensity mixing – greater utilisation of binders.
  • Easy of cleaning.
  • Very accessible for maintenance.
  • Broad range of production rates
  • High sheer mixing – Paste specific blade arrangement.
  • Various high pressure cleaning arrangements – Paste specific mixers
    • Mix up to 400 compacted cubic meters of concrete per hour
    • Variable load sizes – batch quantities
    • Versatile – is able to handle a wide variety of materials
    • Excellent accuracy and proportioning of ingredients
    • Capable of blending 3-6 primary feeders, 2-3 binders, additives & water